Mittwoch, April 05, 2006


dear artist
HALF MACHINE 06 is scheduled
27th May-12th June 2006

Art and Research Laboratory in the Grey Hall, Christiania, Copenhagen.
Installations, body experience, new music, kinetic sculptures, light design, aerial dance, video art, circuit bending, experiments, workshops, discussions. If you like to make suggestions for interactive art, experiments and activity, please write to 1/2 Machine coordinator

Information -and brainstorm meetings in Copenhagen through April and May - if you are living in another country, join us on line.

We have a clear emphasis on art and research interconnecting. In creating an ongoing experience that will make the public take active part and become catalysts for the experiments in question. Our proposed theme is the interaction between the human body and mind and the natural elements, looking into the works of Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Osho. If you are interested, google these people.

However, You are welcome to propose other subjects.
Further we are very interested in recycling objects and materials, the use of discarded technology and renewable energy sources.
Our funding is very limited, let that be a creative inspiration.

Questions and proposals, please reply to coordinator check out our websites.
Volunteers who'd like to help out with practical and administrative tasks, contact us. Kindly forward this email to artists and people who might want to take part in HALF MACHINE
greetings half machine